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Descendants of Samuel Houston

Generation No. 1

1. Samuel1 HOUSTON was born February 28, 1744/45, and died May 23, 1824. He married (1) RACHEL ?. He married (2) MARY ?. She died November 19, 1775. Samuel Houston is listed in September 1776 as part of the 9th Regiment, Alarm List - Lieut. of the Lyndeborough Co.

From "The History of Lyndeborough" by Rev. D. Donovan and Jacob A. Woodward

The Houstons were a prominent and influential family in the early history of the town. But few records can be obtained and the family is extinct in Lyndeborough. Samuel Houston was evidently the first of the name to come to Lyndeborough. He settled in the northwest part of the town. The site is now marked by an ancient growth of Lombardy poplars. He was born Feb. 29, 1745, and died May 23, 1824. The family were earnest supporters of the Congregational Church, and both Samuel and his son John were deacons. He was selectman one or more terms. About the year 1840, the whole family removed to Denmark, Iowa, where their descendants now reside. In the town records is the record of the birth of Samuel, son of Dea. Samuel and Rachel Houston. It would seem that he was married twice and perhaps three times, for after the death of Rachel Houston the rest of the children are recorded as sons and daughters of Samuel Houston and Mary, his wife. Rachel Houston died Nov. 19, 1775. There is a record of the marriage of Samuel Houston and Hannah Woodward of Francestown, April 1, 1817. She was probably a daughter of Ephraim Woodward of Lyndeborough.

Children of SAMUEL HOUSTON and RACHEL ? are:

vii.SAMUEL2 HOUSTON, b. May 28, 1771.
viii.JOSEPH HOUSTON, b. October 11, 1775.

Children of SAMUEL HOUSTON and MARY ? are:

2.i.CALEB2 HOUSTON, b. January 24, 1778, Lyndeborough, NH.
ii.RACHEL HOUSTON, b. October 22, 1779; m. ELEAZER WOODWARD.
iii.SARAH HOUSTON, b. September 11, 1781, Lyndebaugh, New Hampshire; d. July 10, 1785, Lyndebaugh, New Hampshire.
iv.LEVI HOUSTON, b. July 29, 1783, Lyndebaugh, New Hampshire; d. June 28, 1785, Lyndebaugh, New Hampshire.
3.v.IRA HOUSTON, b. June 09, 1785, Lyndebaugh, New Hampshire; d. February 06, 1872.
4.vi.JOHN HOUSTON, b. June 05, 1787, Lyndebaugh, New Hampshire; d. February 26, 1856, Denmark, Iowa.
Generation No. 2

2. CALEB2 HOUSTON (Samuel1) was born January 24, 1778 in Lyndeborough, NH. He married NANCY ?. She died August 07, 1807.

Children of CALEB HOUSTON and NANCY ? are:

i.NANCY H.3 HOUSTON, b. November 03, 1804, Lyndebaugh, New Hampshire.
ii.RODNEY HOUSTON, b. December 29, 1805, Lyndebaugh, New Hampshire.
iii.GEORGE L. HOUSTON, b. August 03, 1807, Lyndebaugh, New Hampshire.

3. IRA2 HOUSTON (Samuel1) was born June 09, 1785 in Lyndebaugh, New Hampshire, and died February 06, 1872. He married ELIZABETH EPPS, daughter of JOSEPH EPPS and ELIZABETH RAND. She was born April 03, 1791, and died May 09, 1873. They are buried with their children in the Denmark Cemetery, Denmark, Iowa.

Tombstone Inscriptions:

Ira Huston d. Feb. 6, 1872 age 86y 7m 27d
Elizabeth, wife d. May 3, 1873 age 82y 1m 6d
Mary d. May 30, 1816 age 2y 6m
Joseph d. Sept. 11, 1826 age 1y 10m
Sarah d. Sept 17, 1835 age 5m, 11d
Olive d. Oct. 6, 1835 age 6m
Davis, Hannah w/o Wm. Davis & d/o I. & E. Huston d. Oct. 9, 1840 age 20y 6m

(the young Huston children died before the Huston's moved to Iowa, so they may actually be buried in New Hampshire.)


i.ELIZABETH3 HOUSTON, b. September 21, 1811, Lyndebaugh, New Hampshire; d. August 11, 1881; m. JASON WILSON.
ii.MARY HOUSTON, b. July 21, 1813, Lyndebaugh, New Hampshire; d. May 20, 1816, Lyndebaugh, New Hampshire.
iii.SAMUEL HOUSTON, b. November 11, 1815, Lyndebaugh, New Hampshire; d. October 13, 1891; m. CATHERINE HORNBY, June 1848; d. July 15, 1891. They are buried with their daughter in the Denmark Cemetery, Denmark, Iowa.

Tombstone Inscriptions:

Samuel Houston d. Oct. 13, 1891 age 75y 10m Father
Catharine, wife d. July 15, 1891 age 69y 7m Mother
Carrie M., dau. d. Aug. 15, 1856 age 1y 11m

iv.MARY HOUSTON, b. March 15, 1818, Lyndebaugh, New Hampshire; m. FRANCIS BLAKE, November 03, 1842.
vHANNAH HOUSTON, b. March 28, 1820, Lyndebaugh, New Hampshire; d. October 09, 1840; m. WILLIAM DAVIS, September 09, 1840.
vi.RACHEL HOUSTON, b. July 27, 1822, Lyndeborough, NH; m. JAMES HORNBY, June 1847.
vii.JOSEPH HOUSTON, b. November 26, 1824, Lyndeborough, NH; d. September 11, 1826.
viii.IRA HOUSTON, b. May 11, 1826, Lyndeborough, NH; d. May 17, 1889; m. OLIVIA P. PORTER, October 1856; b. May 18, 1834; d. April 06, 1919. They both are buried in the Denmark Cemetery, Denmark, Iowa.

Tombstone Inscriptions:

Ira Houston d. May 17, 1889 age 63y 7d Father
Olivia Porter May 18, 1834 - Apr. 6, 1919 Mother
Herbert J. d. July 19, 1876 age 3y 5m 4d
Ellen O. d. Aug. 30, 1861 age 9m 2d
Henn, Hattie E. w/o Rev. H.L. 1863 - 1933

ix.ANN HOUSTON, b. June 15, 1828, Lyndeborough, NH; d. March 17, 1886; m. GUSTAVUS B. BRACKET, November 1849.
x.RWOENA HOUSTON, b. November 11, 1831, Lyndeborough, NH; m. EBENEZER T. LEVERETT, May 1858.
xi.OLIVE HOUSTON, b. April 06, 1834, Lyndeborough, NH; d. October 06, 1834.
xii.SARAH HOUSTON, b. April 06, 1834, Lyndeborough, NH; d. September 17, 1834.

4. JOHN2 HOUSTON (Samuel1) was born June 05, 1787 in Lyndebaugh, New Hampshire, and died February 26, 1856 in Denmark, Iowa. He married ZERVIAH FIELDS March 21, 1811 in Amherst, Hillsboro, New Hampshire, daughter of SAMUEL FIELDS and ZERVIAH ?. She was born November 01, 1784 in Amherst, NH, and died November 06, 1860 in Denmark, Iowa. From 1814 - 1818, John Houston was part of the Cavalry of the 22nd Regiment: 2nd Lieut - 6/7/1814; 1st Lieut - 6/4/1816; Resigned - 5/21/1818

From History of Lee County, pg. 217 - 219 (John Houston Jr. Biography)

John Houston, Jr. was a lad of ten years when he removed with his parents to Lowell, Massachusetts, where his father was a mechanic in the woolen mills. Subsequently the family came west, traveling by rail to Albany, New York, from that point on the Erie Canal to Buffalo, thence by the Great Lakes to Chicago and then across the prairies by wagon, finally arriving in Lee County, Iowa, where they settled. The journey was a long and tedious one, but most of the early settlers of this county came in such a way. The family made their home with Ira Houston, a relative, until a building could be erected on the eighty acres which they had purchased at a dollar and a quarter per acre. John Houston, Sr., and his wife passed the remainder of their lives upon their farm in this county and here departed this life, mourned by their many friends. They were loyal and consistent members of the Congregational Church.

The Houston family lived on the East 1/2 SouthEast 1/4 of Sec. 34 (80 acres) in Denmark Township. This property was acquired twice according to the land records for Lee County: first by John Houston Sr. on Sept. 25, 1845 from Laura H. Davis for $200, and second by John Houston Jr. on August 5, 1847 from William Davis for $100. John Houston Jr. later bought the West 1/2 of this parcel as well as a small triangular piece on the northwest of the parcel. He sold the land to the Denmark Academy in April, 1882.

The Houston family was received into the Denmark Congregational Church in July, 1843 by letter from John St. Ch. in Lowell, Massachusetts.

John Houston was elected Deacon on March 18, 1855. His death was recorded in the Denmark Congregational Church records:

Tombstone Inscriptions (Denmark Cemetery):

John Houston d. Feb. 26, 1856 age 68y 8m 21d
Zerviah F., wife d. Nov. 6, 1860 age 76y 5d
John, b. Lyndeburg, NH d. Dec. 23, 1898 age 75 yrs
Maria Sturges, wife 1827 - 1915
John I. age 3 yrs.
Albert Sturges age 47 yrs.
Abigail Field Porter w/o Henry d. July 19, 1878 age 91 yrs


i.ALBERT F.3 HOUSTON, b. January 15, 1812; d. September 25, 1835.
ii.LAURA HOUSTON, b. August 19, 1813; d. October 13, 1887; m. WILLIAM DAVIS.
5.iii.ABIGAIL HOUSTON, b. April 02, 1815, Lyndebaugh, New Hampshire; d. January 31, 1879, Denmark, Iowa.
iv.SARAH HOUSTON, b. October 07, 1816; m. E. WARREN HENDERSON.
v.ZERVIAH HOUSTON, b. July 13, 1821; d. May 31, 1874; m. PETER B. BELL.

Her tombstone inscription reads: Zerviah Houston Bell w/o Peter B. Bell d. May 30, 1874 age 52y 10m 17d

vi.JOHN HOUSTON, JR., b. December 15, 1823, Lyndeborough, NH; d. December 23, 1898; m. MARIA STURGES, January 03, 1849; b. 1827; d. 1915. They are buried in the Denmark Cemetery.
vii.JOSEPH HOUSTON, b. September 13, 1826; m. SARAH L. BELL.
viii.MARY JANE HOUSTON, b. May 28, 1829, Lyndeborough, NH; d. January 07, 1881; m. JOSEPH EDMUND INGALLS, December 21, 1851; b. February 17, 1826, Springville, New York.
Generation No. 3

5. ABIGAIL3 HOUSTON (John2, Samuel1) was born April 02, 1815 in Lyndebaugh, New Hampshire, and died January 31, 1879 in Denmark, Iowa. She must have been very ill as a young girl, and received a number of letters from her friends. She married DR. GEORGE SHEDD September 05, 1844 in Denmark, Lee County, Iowa, son of ABEL SHEDD and REBEKAH ADAMS. He was born May 13, 1810 in Rindge, New Hampshire, and died January 03, 1892 in Ashland, Nebraska.

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