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Laetitia Scott MacNutt


Laetitia Jane Scott Albert Scott MacNutt Francis Augustus MacNutt
Laetitia Scott MacNuttAlbert Scott MacNuttFrancis Augustus MacNutt

Laetitia married when she was a young girl to Joseph MacNutt, eloping from her school in Oxford, Ohio. She died a week after the birth of her second son, Francis, at the age of 22. After her death, Albert & Francis lived with their maternal grandparents, Andrew F. and Martha Scott.

Source: "A Papal Chamberlain, the personal chronicle of Francis Augustus MacNutt", edited by Rev. John J. Donovan. Lonmans, Green & Co., 1936


Letitia Scott McNutt


McNutt. -- In this city, on Sunday morning last, Mrs. Letitia McNutt, wife of Mr. J. G. McNutt, and daughter of A. F. Scott, Esq.

Richmond Jeffersonian, Thursday, February 26, 1863; Page 3, Column 3


Joseph McNutt

Sudden Death.

Mr. A. F. Scott has received a copy of the Cheyenne, Wyoming, Daily Sun containing the following account of the sudden death of his grandson, Joseph McNutt, at Denver, Col.:

Mr. J. K. Jeffrey received a dispatch from Mrs. Jeffrey, who is visiting her sister Mrs. McNutt in Denver saying that Mrs. McNutt's youngest son Joseph, died yesterday morning. The lad was a bright, little fellow of six years, and he will be remembered here by many friends of Lieut. and Mrs. McNutt. The boy had only been sick a day or two and his sudden death was a great surprise to relatives and friends here. The body will be brought to this city by the noon train to-day and will be taken to the residence of Mr. Jeffrey, from which place the funeral will occur on Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Friends and acquaintances of Lieut. and Mrs. McNutt and of the Jeffrey family are to be present.

Richmond Evening Item, Thursday December 22, 1892, Page 4, Col. 4

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