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Descendants of Daniel Shed

Generation No. 1

1. DANIEL1 SHED was born Abt. 1620 in England, and died July 27, 1708 in Billerica, Massachusetts. He married (1) MARY ? about 1646. She died Bet. 1658 - 1659. He married (2) ELIZABETH ? about 1659. She died January 17, 1699/00 in Billerica, Massachusetts.

Children of DANIEL SHED and MARY ? are:

i.MARY2 SHED, b. October 01, 1647.
ii.DANIEL SHED, b. August 30, 1649.
iii.HANNAH SHED, b. September 07, 1651.
iv.JOHN SHED, b. April 01, 1654.
v.ELIZABETH SHED, b. June 17, 1656.
vi.ZECHARIAH SHED, b. June 17, 1656.
vii.SARAH SHED, b. October 30, 1658.

Children of DANIEL SHED and ELIZABETH ? are:

2.viii.SAMUEL2 SHED, b. August 13, 1660, Billerica, Massachusetts; d. Abt. October 1723, Groton, Massachusetts.
ix.SUSAN SHED, b. December 28, 1662.
x.EUNICE SHED, b. March 19, 1664/65.
xi.NATHAN SHED, b. February 05, 1668/69.
Generation No. 2

2. SAMUEL2 SHED (DANIEL1) was born August 13, 1660 in Billerica, Massachusetts, and died Abt. October 1723 in Groton, Massachusetts. He married ELIZABETH BOWERS about 1688, daughter of JERATHMEEL BOWERS and ELIZABETH. She was born in 1672.

Samuel Shed was born in Billerica, Mass. 13 Aug 1660, being the eldest child of Daniel Shed by his second wife. But little can be learned of his career though it probably did not differ much from that of his brothers. He took the oath of fidelity in 1677 and was thus admitted early to the rights of a freeman. His name is found in a tax rate for Billerica in 1688 in the sum of 2s-2d. His first two children were born in Chelmsford, Mass., but it is presumable that the Indian massacres in the summer of 1690 and again two years later caused him to give up his settlement on the frontier and seek the greater protection afforded in Billerica, little as that was, for the next child's birth is on the records of Billerica. He appears to have resided later for about eight years in Chelmsford and then after in 1702 in Groton, Mass., where all his later years were spent. He was a man of good standing and possessed of considerable property in that part of Groton since 1753 Pepperell, and died in Groton about Oct. 1723.

His will dated 5 Oct. 1723, just after the death of his son Daniel, and lodged 13 Nov. 1723, has an opening part showing a very religious spirit controlling him. He devises to his beloved wife Elizabeth, then to his son Samuel he gives "Upland and meadow near Baddecook and burnt meadow also a meadow at Cow-pond Brook &c all in Groton." To the heirs of his son "Daniel Shead" 40 shillings, and the same to his son Jonathan in full of his share. To his daughters, Elizabeth Robins 5 shillings, Mary Gilson 40 shillings, Hannah Green 40 shillings, Sarah Hutchings 5 pounds, and Esther Pearce 50 shillings, all of them having previously received something. To his youngest daughter Abigail Shead 18 pounds, to be paid at her marriage or when twenty-one years of age. His youngest son John was residuary legatee of all his buildings and land, his oxen and other cattle, etc., and said son and his mother were appointed executors of the will. (Middlesex County Probate Records, File 20227.)1


i.ELIZABETH3 SHEAD, b. 1688.
ii.HANNAH SHEAD, b. 1690.
iii.SAMUEL SHEAD, b. June 30, 1690.
iv.DANIEL SHEAD, b. January 11, 1692/93.
v.MARY SHEAD, b. Bet. 1694 - 1695.
3.vi.JONATHAN SHEAD, b. September 16, 1696, Chelmsford, Massachusetts; d. December 31, 1755, Groton, MA; died of fever; age 60 years.
vii.SARAH SHEAD, b. October 28, 1700.
viii.ESTHER SHEAD, b. March 24, 1702/03.
ix.JOHN SHEAD, b. December 21, 1706.
x.ABIGAIL SHEAD, b. November 07, 1708.
Generation No. 3

3. JONATHAN3 SHEAD (SAMUEL2 SHED, DANIEL1) was born September 16, 1696 in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, and died December 31, 1755 in Groton, MA; died of fever; age 60 years. He married SARAH [FARNSWORTH] BARRON April 03, 1722 in Groton, MA, daughter of MOSES BARON and SARAH. She was born 1705.

Jonathan Shed was born in Chelmsford, Mass., 16 Sept. 1696, and when about six years old was taken by his parents in their removal to Groton, Mass. He resided in that part of Groton which in 1753 became the new town of Pepperell where he died early in the year 1756. On 9 Apr. 1756, William Lawrence was appointed administrator of the estate of "Jonathan Sheed" late of Pepperell. The inventory of the personal estate totaled 44-5-8 pounds, from which the widow's dower and probate expenses of 25-16-7 pounds being deducted left a balance of 18-9-1 pounds; but as the deceased left debts of 289-1-4 pounds, the estate was insolvent. (Middlesex County Probate Records, File 20220)1

NOTE: Sarah Barron has been shown in various records with both a maiden name of Barron and Farnsworth.


i.SARAH4 SHEAD, b. October 19, 1722.
ii.ESTHER SHEAD, b. August 23, 1724.
iii.JONATHAN SHEAD, b. July 04, 1726.
iv.SAMUELL SHEAD, b. March 17, 1732/33.
v.WILLIAM SHEAD, b. April 15, 1735.
vi.OLIVER SHEAD, b. February 11, 1738/39.
4.vii.ABEL SHED, b. March 09, 1742/43, Groton, MA; d. September 21, 1819, Rindge, NH.
Generation No. 4

4. ABEL4 SHED (JONATHAN3 SHEAD, SAMUEL2 SHED, DANIEL1) was born March 09, 1742/43 in Groton, MA, and died September 21, 1819 in Rindge, NH. He married RUTH HASKELL November 29, 1768 in Lancaster, Worcester County, MA, daughter of HENRY HASKELL and HULDAH SMITH. She was born March 18, 1741/42 in Lancaster, Worcester County, MA, and died February 02, 1834 in Weathersfield, Vermont.

Soon after his marriage in 1768 he settled in Mason, N.H. remaining there quite a number of years, and his wife was admitted to the church there in 1773. He took an active part in the stirring events preceding and during the Revolution; was one of the town committee of inspection in 1776 to see that no Tories were harbored in town, and in many ways evinced his patriotism. He also served as one of the selectmen of Mason in 1776 and 1777.

Sometime before or in 1780 he removed to Rindge, N.H., and took up a farm upon which he passed remainder of his life; like many others of that period he combined the trade of a shoemaker (or cordwainer) with his farming, and by diligence became well-to-do. He is listed at Rindge in the United States Census of 1790 as head of a family of four males over sixteen years, five males under sixteen years and two females. Of his eight children, all sons, seven grew up to manhood becoming active and respected citizens; they were noted for their large stature and athletic superiority, and it has been facetiously said of them "that there was forty-two feet of shed in the family." Many are the anecdotes related of their strength. This characteristic may in part have been inherited from their mother who is reported to have been large and somewhat masculine in appearance and late in life to have had a beard upon her face quite as heavy as some men. As he was blessed with no daughter by birth in his family, he adopted one, a Miss Susanna White of Leominster; she later became the wife of his son John Haskell Shedd.

After her husband's death, Ruth lived with her son Ebenezer Shed at Weatherfield, Vt.1

Children of ABEL SHED and RUTH HASKELL are:

5.i.ABEL5 SHEDD, b. August 25, 1769, Mason NH; d. September 07, 1819, Rindge, NH.
ii.JOHN HASKELL SHEDD, b. March 01, 1771, Mason NH; d. July 17, 1817, Jaffrey Centre, NH
iii.SAMUEL C. SHEDD, b. August 05, 1773, Mason NH.
iv.EBENEZER SHEDD, b. August 07, 1775, Mason, NH; d. August 09, 1775, Mason, NH.
v.EBENEZER SHEDD, b. November 06, 1776, Mason NH.
vi.HENRY SHEDD, b. June 18, 1779, Mason NH.
vii.JOSIAH SHEDD, b. November 01, 1781, Rindge, NH.
viii.TIMOTHY SHEDD, b. April 09, 1784, Rindge, New Hampshire.
Generation No. 5

5. ABEL5 SHEDD (ABEL4 SHED, JONATHAN3 SHEAD, SAMUEL2 SHED, DANIEL1) was born August 25, 1769 in Mason NH, and died September 07, 1819 in Rindge, NH. He married (1) PRISCILLA FRENCH October 27, 1793 in Jaffrey, NH, daughter of JOHN FRENCH and PRISCILLA MACE. She was born Bef. March 25, 1767, and died September 27, 1799 in Jaffrey Centre, NH. He married (2) REBEKAH ADAMS January 20, 1802 in New Ipswich, NH, daughter of EPHRAIM ADAMS and REBECCA LOCKE. She was born July 27, 1767 in New Ipswich, NH, and died September 11, 1823 in Rindge, NH.

Capt. Abel Shed, born in Mason, N.H., 15 Aug. 1760, when ten years of age accompanied his parents in their removal to Rindge, N.H., where he lived until his marriage. He then settled in Jaffrey, N.H., where he remained nearly ten years, engaged in brick making and farming. About 1802 he returned to Rindge in which town he passed the rest of his life, respected as a man of good natural abilities and honorable character. In 1809 he became captain of a local militia company.1


i.SALLY6 SHEDD, b. August 15, 1794, Jaffrey, NH; d. November 02, 1862, Jaffrey, New Hampshire; m. CUMMINGS FRENCH, February 12, 1819; b. April 27, 1792, Jaffrey, New Hampshire; d. May 06, 1866.
ii.RUTHE SHEDD, b. August 15, 1794, Rindge, NH; m. WILLIAM KIMBALL JR., February 23, 1821, Jaffrey, NH; b. December 17, 1791, Rindge, NH; d. December 04, 1864, Rindge, NH.
iii.ABEL SHEDD III, b. May 11, 1797, Rindge, NH; d. February 21, 1840, Jaffrey Centre, NH; m. MARY JEWETT, June 16, 1825; b. Bet. 1802 - 1803; d. April 17, 1843, Jaffrey Centre, NH.
iv.JOHN H. SHEDD, b. 1799, Jaffrey, New Hampshire; d. July 17, 1819, Jaffrey, New Hampshire.

Children of ABEL SHEDD and REBEKAH ADAMS are:

6.v.REV. CHARLES6 SHEDD, b. October 21, 1802; d. May 7, 1885, Zumbrota, MN.
7.vi.JAMES ADAMS SHEDD, b. February 25, 1804, Rindge, New Hampshire; d. September 24, 1876, Denmark, Lee, IA.
vii.CURTIS SHEDD, b. February 02, 1809, Rindge, NH; d. September 06, 1876, Denmark, Iowa; m. (1) SOPHRONIA / SOPHREMIA TAYLOR, 1832, New Ipswich, NH; b. June 02, 1806; d. January 16, 1867; m. (2) MRS. PLACENTIA W. MONROE. Curtis Shedd, along with Timothy Fox and Lewis Epps, bought land in 1836 on arrival from NH. They laid out the town the next year and founded the Congregational Church there.2 Both Curtis Shedd and his wife Sophremia are buried in the Denmark Cemetery, Denmark, Iowa.

Source: Old Settlers Book, 1874

I was born in Rindge, in the state of New Hampshire on the 22nd day of February A.D. 1809. My parents were farmers. I learned the blacksmith trade and worked at it in New Hanpshire and a couple of years after I came to Iowa. I married Miss Sophronia Taylor in New Hampshire and with her moved to Iowa territory in 1836 and settled in Denmark township in Lee County, Iowa, near where I now live. I have lived in Denmark since my first settlement in Iowa and have followed farming here except when blacksmithing, until four or five years ago. We never had any children. My said wife died about seven years ago. Six years ago I married Mrs. Monroe, my present wife. When I came to Denmark, there were no houses here, except the shell of a log cabin. I came with Lewis Epps, Timothy Fox and several others, and made the first settlement in Denmark. Indians were about pretty numerous in those days. There were plenty of deer, turkeys and prairie chickens in the country, but I took no pleasure in hunting. The next year after I arrived here, other settlers from New Hampshire here, and in the year 1837 we built in Denmark a house for both school and church purposes. The first clergyman who preached in that building was Rev. Apthorp, who preached about one year, and was succeeded in his clergical duties by Rev. Asa Turner in the year 1838. They both belonged to the Congregational Church of which I am a member. July 28, 1874

8.viii.DR. GEORGE SHEDD, b. May 13, 1810, Rindge, New Hampshire; d. January 03, 1892, Ashland, Saunders, NE.
ix.REBECCA SHEDD, b. March 20, 1813, Rindge, NH; d. December 17, 1838, Concord, Massachusetts; m. WILLIAM GALLUPE, M.D., April 29, 1835; b. August 30, 1805, Plainfield, Connecticut; d. February 13, 1883, Bangor, Maine. Rebecca attended Kimball Union Academy from 1830 - 1831.
Generation No. 6

6. REV. CHARLES6 SHEDD (ABEL5, ABEL4 SHED, JONATHAN3 SHEAD, SAMUEL2 SHED, DANIEL1) was born October 21, 1802 in Rindge, NH, and died May 7, 1885 in Zumbrota, MN. He married ELIZA ROWELL August 15, 1828 in Plainfield, NH, daughter of REV. JOSEPH ROWELL and HANNAH CHASE. She was born February 27, 1804 and died September 27, 1900 in Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN.


i.CHARLES RICHMOND7 SHEDD, b. May 8, 1829, Plainfield, NH; d. January 17, 1864, Nashville TN. He served two and a half years in the Civil War, dying in the service in Nashville. He is buried in the Soldiers' Cemetery there.
9.ii.HENRY EVARTS SHEDD, b. May 7, 1831 in Plainfield, NH.
10.iii.CORNELIUS WORCESTER SHEDD, b. May 30, 1833 in Meriden, NH.
11.iv.MARIA ELIZABETH SHEDD, b. January 11, 1837 in New Ispwich, NH; d. August 3, 1871 in Spring Valley, MN.
12.v.MARTHA AMELIA SHEDD, b. April 9, 1843 in Campton, NH.
13.vi.MARY ADELAIDE SHEDD, b. October 6, 1846 in Campton, NH.

7. JAMES ADAMS6 SHEDD (ABEL5, ABEL4 SHED, JONATHAN3 SHEAD, SAMUEL2 SHED, DANIEL1) was born February 25, 1804 in Rindge, NH, and died September 24, 1876 in Denmark, Lee, IA. He married (1) EUNICE AUGUSTA ADAMS January 3, 1833 in Dayton, OH, his cousin and daughter of MAJOR BENJAMIN ADAMS and OLIVIA EVERETT. She was born August 30, 1805 in New Ispwich, NH and died December 22, 1846 in Dayton, OH. He married (2) CAROLINE LAVALETTE (SMITH) BROWN April 29, 1847 in Dayton, OH, daughter of OLIVER SMITH. She was born May 5, 1816 in Albany, NY, and died December 15, 1888 in St. Joseph, MO. He was a member of the First Baptist Church in Denmark. James and Caroline are buried in the Denmark Cemetery, Denmark, Iowa.

Children of JAMES SHEDD and EUNICE ADAMS are:

i.AUGUSTA ADAMS7 SHEDD, b. October 23, 1833; d. October 3, 1834.
14.ii.JAMES ADAMS SHEDD, b. August 21, 1837.
iii.EMILY REBECCA SHEDD, b. January 1, 1840; d. March 29, 1887. She attended the Denmark Academy.
15.iv.CHARLES FREDERICK SHEDD, b. February 6, 1842.
v.GEORGE CURTIS SHEDD, b. November 6, 1843. He enlisted September 23, 1862 in Co. I, Thirtieth Iowa Volunteers and was appointed corporal, acting as color bearer during the campaign in Mississippi. He was in the battle of Jackson and later in the siege of Vicksburg, where while carrying the colors he was instantly killed May 22, 1863.
16.vi.HARRIET AUGUSTA SHEDD, b. September 14, 1846 in Campton, NH.

8. DR. GEORGE6 SHEDD (ABEL5, ABEL4 SHED, JONATHAN3 SHEAD, SAMUEL2 SHED, DANIEL1) was born May 13, 1810 in Rindge, New Hampshire, and died January 3, 1892 in Ashland, Nebraska. He married ABIGAIL HOUSTON September 5, 1844 in Denmark, Lee County, Iowa, daughter of JOHN HOUSTON and ZERVIAH FIELDS. She was born April 2, 1815 in Lyndebaugh, New Hampshire, and died January 31, 1879 in Denmark, Iowa. According to the church records, Abigail died very suddenly.

George Shedd attended Kimball Union Academy in Meriden, NH and graduated with the Class of 1834. He graduated from Dartmouth College in 1839 and studied medicine at the Ohio Medical College in Dayton, Ohio from 1840 - 1841, and at the Medical Institute in Cincinnati where he received his M.D. He later received a degree from the Iowa Medical College (1855). In addition to practicing medicine in Denmark, Iowa, he was very active in the Underground Railroad and was Superintendent of the Iowa State Penitentiary. The family were members of the Congregational Church. He was received into the church on Oct. 1, 1843, and served as Secretary from May 2, 1854 at least through 1875. He was also a trustee of the Denmark Academy.

After the death of his wife, George Shedd moved to Ashland, Nebraska where his son and daughter lived. He was dismissed by the Denmark Congregational Church to the Congregational Church of Ashland, Nebraska on July 11, 1880. Originally he intended to live six months with his son, Hibbard, and six months with his daughter, Mary. However he ended up living full time with his daughter and her family. He died in Ashland, and is buried with his wife in Denmark, Iowa.


17.i.LT. GOV. HIBBARD HOUSTON7 SHEDD, b. January 27, 1847, Denmark, Iowa; d. October 06, 1905, Ashland, Nebraska.
ii.MARY ZERVIAH SHEDD, b. August 24, 1849, Denmark, Iowa; d. August 08, 1900, Denmark, Iowa. Mary and her twin sister were baptized at the Denmark Congregational Church on July 6, 1850:

She graduated from the Denmark Academy in 1870, and married WILLIAM CLEMENT SCOTT, JR. December 14, 1876 in Denmark, Lee County, Iowa. They were married by E.Y. Swift at her parent's home. Her membership in the Denmark Congregational Church was dismissed to the Congregational Church in Ashland, Nebraska on February 4, 1877.
iii.MARTHA REBECCA SHEDD, b. August 24, 1849, Denmark, Iowa; d. February 19, 1873, Denmark, Iowa; m. CHARLES SWIFT, March 1872, Denmark, Lee County, Iowa; b. January 27, 1847, Northhampton, Massachusetts. She graduated from the Denmark Academy in 1870.
Generation No. 7

9. HENRY EVARTS7 SHEDD (CHARLES6, ABEL5, ABEL4 SHED, JONATHAN3 SHEAD, SAMUEL2 SHED, DANIEL1) was born May 7, 1831 in Plainfield, NH, and died February 2, 1884 in Zumbrota, MN. He married CAROLINE LITTLE BUTLER August 2, 1852 in Lowell, MA, daughter of JOHN POOR BUTLER and APPRIA BROWN. She was born November 8, 1827 in Campton, NH and died June 16, 1888 in Zumbrota MN. Henry Shedd grew up in Meriden, New Ipswich and Campton, NH. He learned the trade of cabinet maker which he followed for several years in Boston, MA. In 1856 he removed with his family and parents to Zumbrota, MN, where he engaged in farming the rest of his life.


18.i.CHARLES CURTIS8 SHEDD, b. July 25, 1853 in Boston, MA.
ii.CARRIE MARIE SHEDD, b. October 25, 1855 in Boston, MA.
iii.MARY ELIZABETH SHEDD, b. in Zumbrota, MN, 20 Apr. 1860; m 20 Apr. 1881, STILLMAN B. EDDY, b. in Fenner, NY, 12 Jan. 1852, son of JOHN W. and LAURA M. (CAREY) EDDY. From 1875 to 1888 he was in the sash and door business, and since then has been a travelling salesman. They resided in Minneapolis, MN in 1920. They had two children, ANNA RUTH EDDY, b. 16 June 1887, and JOHN ALMON EDDY, b. 20 Aug. 1889.
19.iv.FREDERICK HENRY SHEDD, b. October 10, 1861 in Zumbrota, MN.
v.GEORGE EDWARD SHEDD, b. March 17, 1863 in Zumbrota, MN; d. May 4, 1881.
20.vi.HORACE EVERETT SHEDD, b. September 6, 1864 in Zumbrota, MN.
vii.LEWIS FRANK SHEDD, b. August 29, 1868 in Zumbrota, MN; resided there until 1903 and then became cashier for the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad at Redfeld, SD; resides in Los Angeles, CA in 1920. He married EMILY CLARENCE WALKER September 6, 1893 in Milwaukee, WI, b. there May 13, 1864, daughter of JOHN B. WALKER and EMILY HAMBLEN. No children.
viii.LUCY ETTA SHEDD, b. June 30, 1870 in Zumbrota, MN; m. 24 July 1898, LEWIS WILLIAM JOHNSTON, b. in Milwaukee, WI, July 15, 1850, son of WILLIAM JOHNSTON and JANE CONWELL. They settled on a farm in Harwood, ND. No children.

10. CORNELIUS WORCESTER7 SHEDD (CHARLES6, ABEL5, ABEL4 SHED, JONATHAN3 SHEAD, SAMUEL2 SHED, DANIEL1) was born May 30, 1833 in Meriden, NH, passed his boyhood there and in New Ipswich and Campton, NH. He early learned the trade of machinist at which he worked a few years in Boston and Worcester, Mass. In 1856 he went to Tuscaloosa, Ala., to install some machinery, and spent the next five years in erecting saw and grist mills in that state. During the Civil War he remained in the South and was superintendent of construction, buildings, and shop and field work at the Alabama Hospital for Insane, and by his efficient Yankee ingenuity made the institution self-supporting. At the close of the war he resigned this position and resumed his trade of master mechanic in which he found profitable employment for many years, installing machinery, erecting mills, constructing bridges and reclaiming land. In 1900 he had a good competence but a protracted illness used up most of it and he later in his old age had to return to work as a machinist in Columbus, Miss., where he was living in 1916.

He married LUCY EPPENINE WOOD August 7, 1862 in Caledonia, MS, daughter of JOHN WOOD and LUCY GOLDING. She was born September 6, 1839 in Lawrens, SC. They lived successively in Tuscaloosa, Ala., and Meridian, Caledonia and Columbus, Miss. He died at Steens, Lowndes, MS, 26 July 1920.

Children of CORNELIUS SHEDD and LUCY WOOD are:

i.CHARLES JOHN8 SHEDD, b. May 31, 1863 in Tuscaloosa, AL; d. September 11, 1869 in Caledonia, MS.
21.ii.LUCY ELIZA SHEDD, b. March 2, 1865 in Tuscaloosa, AL.
iii.MINNIE ELIZABETH SHEDD, b. August 6, 1870 in Caledonia, MS; d. October 6, 1877 in Caledonia, MS.
iv.GEORGE LEROY SHEDD, b. June 19, 1873 in Caledonia, MS; d. January 7, 1888 in Columbus, OH.
v.SIDNEY SAMUEL SHEDD, b. September 6, 1875 in Caledonia, MS; d. November 22, 1878 in Caledonia, MS.

11. MARIA ELIZABETH7 SHEDD (CHARLES6, ABEL5, ABEL4 SHED, JONATHAN3 SHEAD, SAMUEL2 SHED, DANIEL1), b. January 11, 1837 in New Ispwich, NH; d. August 3, 1871 in Spring Valley, MN. She was married on 25 Jan. 1860 to ALBERT MARTIN ALDEN, son of LYMAN and NANCY (DOREN) ALDEN. He was born 24 Oct. 1838 in Solon, NY. They lived in Wasioja, Rochester and Spring Valley, MN.

Children of MARIA SHEDD and ALBERT ALDEN are:

i.ELIZABETH EMMA8 ALDEN, b. 27 Oct. 1860 in Wasioja, MN; m. JAMES T. ELWELL on 28 June 1882. They had one child, JAMES T. ELWELL, b. 31 Aug. 1883.
ii.WILLIAM ALBERT ALDEN, b. 1 Apr. 1862 in Wasioja, MN.
iii.JANE MARCIA ALDEN, b. 11 June 1864 in Rochester, MN.
iv.BERTHA FLORENCE ALDEN, b. 20 Nov. 1866 in Spring Valley, MN.
v.EDWIN WORCESTER ALDEN, b. 29 June 1869 in Spring Valley, MN; d. 15 Sept. 1882 in Minneapolis, MN.

12. MARTHA AMELIA SHEDD (CHARLES6, ABEL5, ABEL4 SHED, JONATHAN3 SHEAD, SAMUEL2 SHED, DANIEL1), b. 9 Apr. 1843 in Campton, NH. She was married on 3 Sept. 1868 to ANDREW BEERS MILLS, son of DR. THEODORE S. AND SALLY (DEMING) MILLS. He was born 28 July 1839 in Illinois. In 1872 they settled in Delton, MN where they resided until 1885.

Children of MARTHA SHEDD and ANDREW MILLS are:

i.EVERETT ANDREW8 MILLS, b. 4 June 1869 in Zumbrota, MN.
ii.HENRY ADELBERT MILLS, b. 30 Jan. 1871 in Mineola, MN.
iii.ELMER GRANT MILLS, b. 21 Sept. 1872 in Delton, MN, the first child born in that town.
iv.LILLIAN AMELIA MILLS, b. 5 Aug. 1874 in Delton, MN.
v.LIZZIE EVELYN MILLS, b. 3 June 1879 in Delton, MN.
vi.MARY LUCY MILLS, b. 5 July 1881.

13. MARY ADELAIDE7 SHEDD (CHARLES6, ABEL5, ABEL4 SHED, JONATHAN3 SHEAD, SAMUEL2 SHED, DANIEL1), was born October 6, 1846 in Campton, NH, and when ten years old was taken by her parents to Minnesota. She graduated from the Denmark Academy in 1869, and married SIDNEY ORVILLE SHERWIN June 22, 1871 in Denmark, IA. He was born May 6, 1848 in Buckland, MA, son of ORVILLE SHERWIN and BETSEY WARE. He is a farmer and they lived in Mantorville and Waseca, MN, DeSmet, SD, and in Stockton, M., where she died March 27, 1916. He died July 26, 1923 in Iola, Allen County, Kansas

Children of MARY SHEDD and SIDNEY SHERWIN are:

i.ANNIE EDSON8 SHERWIN, b. May 18, 1872, Dodge Center, Dodge County, Minnesota; d. January 29, 1922, Iola, Allen County, Kansas. She married JOHN CHRISTIAN HOERNING in Springfield, MO, b. Jan. 10, 1851, in Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH; d. June 29, 1915, in Iola, Allen, KS; son of AUGUST GUNTHER and MARIA CHRISTIANA WILHELMINA (AHLE/AEHLE) HOERNING. He is a stationary engineer and about 1904 they settled in Iola, KS, where they are still (1920) living. They had 8 children: 1. EMMA MILDRED HOERNING, b. 22 July 1903; 2. HAROLD SIDNEY HOERNING, b. 19 Jan. 1905; d. 1905; 3. JOHN LESLIE HOERNING, b. 27 Sept. 1906; 4. FLORENCE HOERNING, b. 18 Apr. 1908; d. 25 October 1908; 5. RALPH HOERNING, b. 13 Nov. 1909; 6. MARY ELIZABETH HOERNING, b. 13 March 1911; 7. RUTH HOERNING, b. March 24, 1912; 8. A CHILD, b. and d. 15 Feb. 1916.
ii.ALICE SHERWIN, b. in Waseca, MN, 9 Aug. 1874; d. in Stockton Mo. 25 Sept. 1896, unmarried.
iii.RALPH SIDNEY SHERWIN, b. in Waseca, MN, 21 Sept. 1876; ; d. July 02, 1957, Corpus Christi, Nueces County, Texas; m. in 1905 LIZZIE SCHATGAN.
iv.EDWIN RICHMOND SHERWIN, b. in Waseca, 16 Nov. 1878; d. January 25, 1970, Modesto, Stanislaus, CA. He m. in Cedarvale, KS, 30 Nov. 1904, MINNIE MAY MILLER, b. in Hoosier, KS, 28 September 1883, daughter of THOMAS and TABITH (SARTIN) MILLER. They had 5 children: 1. ORVILLE WILLIAM SHERWIN, b. 12 Feb. 1906; 2. EMERY EDWIN SHERWIN, b. 14 March 1907; 3. DEAN LEMUEL SHERWIN, b. 21 March 1909; 4. ETHEL VADINE SHERWIN, b. 24 June 1912; 5. HERBERT GLEN SHERWIN, b. 19 Apr. 1919.
v.MELVIN ERNEST SHERWIN, b. in De Smet, SD, 17 July 1881; d. January 05, 1924, Raleigh, Wake County, NC. He m. in July 1907, Edith Dodson.
vi.MYRA ELLA SHERWIN, b. in De Smet, 17 July 1881; d. February 24, 1953, San Bernardino, CA; m. 3 July 1908, JAMES ADAMS.
vii.WILLIAM ROBERT SHERWIN, b. September 9, 1885 in De Smet; d. March 1907 in Stockton, MO.
viii.HARRIET JOSEPHINE SHERWIN, b. January 17, 1888 in De Smet; d. September 05, 1965, DeNevadaer, CO.
ix.HERBERT ALLISON SHERWIN, b. in Stockton, Mo., 2 Feb. 1895; resides (1920) in Iola, KS. During the World War he served in the army at the Poison Gas Plant at Edgewood. Md.

14. JAMES ADAMS7 SHEDD (JAMES ADAMS6, ABEL5, ABEL4 SHED, JONATHAN3 SHEAD, SAMUEL2 SHED, DANIEL1), born in Dayton, Ohio, 21 Aug. 1837, when ten years of age went with his parents to Denmark, Iowa and was educated at the academy there. At the outbreak of the Civil War he enlisted at the first call for three months' men in Apr. 1861 in Co. E, First Iowa Volunteers and was in the battle of Wilson's Creek. On 15 Sept. 1861 he enlisted for three years and was appointed sergeant in Co. I of "Bissell's Engineers"; during this service he took part in the capture of Island No. Ten. His arduous service and a severe attack of fever finally rendered him unfit for duty, so he received an honorable discharge before his enlistment expired and returned home. After his marriage in 1865 he settled in Fort Scott, Kan., where he engaged in mercantile pursuits until about 1874, and then became manager of a lead mine in Cooper County, Mo. He died while visiting his sister Mrs. Snively at Wathena, Kan., 8 June 1876.

He married first, in Denmark, Iowa, 28 Mar. 1865, MARY ELIZABETH TURNER, born there 14 May 1840, daughter of Rev. Asa and Martha (?) Turner; she graduated from the Denmark Acadamy in 1860. They had two children, and she died in Fort Scott, KS, 24 Sept. 1868.

He married secondly, at Fort Scott, 4 Jan. 1871, ALICE BIDWELL McVAY, born in Allegheny City, Pa., 27 Sept. 1841, daughter of JAMES TAYLOR and CATHERINE WILLIAMS (BIDWELL) McVAY; one child by this marriage. She married secondly, 21 Nov. 1883, CHARLES A. CONGER and settled in Seymour, Ia.


i.GEORGE CURTIS8 SHEDD, b. 13 Feb. 1866 in Fort Scott, KS; d. in Fort Scott 8 Sept. 1868.
ii.A DAUGHTER; died young.


iii.MARTHA McVAY8 SHEDD, b. in Fort Scott, KS 31 Jan. 1873; d. there 10 July 1873.

15. CHARLES FREDERICK7 SHEDD (JAMES ADAMS6, ABEL5, ABEL4 SHED, JONATHAN3 SHEAD, SAMUEL2 SHED, DANIEL1), born in Dayton, Ohio, 6 Feb. 1842, at the age of five years was taken by his parents in their removal to Denmark, Iowa, where he lived until after the Civil War. During this struggle he enlisted for three years on 15 Sept. 1861 in Co. I of "Bissell's Engineers." In Feb. 1862 this regiment went in Gen. Pope's army against Island No. Ten in the Mississippi River, held by a large confederate force. The engineers under Bissell cut a boat canal through heavy overflowed timber, sawing off the trees four feet below the surface. Through this canal several thousand Union troops crossed in boats to the island and captured it. From the hardships and exposure of this service Mr. Shedd suffered inflammatory rheumatism and paralysis of the left arm, and in consequence was honorably discharged on 14 Oct. 1862 on account of disability. From 1870 to 1884 he was in the grain and live stock business at Fairfield, Neb., also having grain elevators at several other places; and from 1884 to 1891 was a horse dealer. In the latter year he settled in Lincoln, Neb., where he has since resided, engaged in the building repair business and also occupied in experimenting and inventing.

He marred in St. Joseph, Mo., 27 Oct. 1874, MARY LUCINDA BADGER, born in Denmark, Iowa, 18 Aug. 1843, daughter of JOSEPH and RACHEL SARAH (VAN VOORHES) BADGER; she died in Lincoln, Neb., 10 Aug. 1918.


i.CAROLINE EMILY8 SHEDD, b. 28 Sept. 1875 in Fairfield, NE; resides unmarried (1920) with her father in Lincoln, Neb.
22.ii.JAMES ALBERT SHEDD, b. 14 Feb. 1878 in Fairfield, NE.
iii.HARRIET MAY SHEDD, b. 21 May 1880 in Fairfield, NE; d. in Lincoln, Neb., 30 Aug. 1894.
iv.CHARLES FREDERICK SHEDD b. 18 June 1882 in Fairfield, NE; was educated at the University of Nebraska and excelled as an athlete. He was a member of the University football team and was seriously injured in a game with the Haskell Indians 1 Nov. 1902, his hip bone being splintered and later becoming diseased. After enduring several operations and much suffering he d. in Palatka, Fla., 15 June 1924. He m. in Eaton, OH, 2 Dec. 1913, BERTHA GIFFORD. No children.
v.GEORGE CURTIS SHEDD b. 6 Oct. 1885 in Fairfield, NE; d. in Fairfield, Neb., 21 May 1886.

16. HARRIET AUGUSTA7 SHEDD ((JAMES ADAMS6, ABEL5, ABEL4 SHED, JONATHAN3 SHEAD, SAMUEL2 SHED, DANIEL1), was born in Dayton, Ohio, 14 Sept. 1846, and taken the next year by her parents to Denmark, Iowa, where she was educated at the academy there. She married in Denmark, 25 Dec. 1871, EZRA VICTOR SNIVELY, born in Keedysville, MD, 14 Oct. 1837. They at once settled in Wathena, KS, where he owned and operated a large flouring mill and he also was interested in coal mines in Missouri. His business was quite successful until 1899 when he met with reverses. About 1900 they removed to St. Joseph, Mo., where she died 26 Feb. 1904 and he died 19 Feb. 1910.


i.HOWARD VICTOR8 SNIVELY, b. 7 Feb. 1873 in Wathena, KS.
ii.EMILY CAROLYNE SNIVELY, b. 14 Apr. 1875 in Wathena, KS.
iii.ALICE HENSHAW SNIVELY, b. 21 July 1887 in Wathena, KS; m. in St. Joseph, MO, 13 June 1908, MERVIN THURMOND MILLER, b. in Shelbina, MO, 11 Dec. 1870, son of GEORGE WARREN AND ISABLLE (THURMOND) MILLER. He is a sales manager, and after their marriage they lived in St. Joseph and then moved to Kansas City, MO. They had one child, GORDON HOLMAN MILLER, b. 12 Jan. 1916 in Kansas City, MO.
iv.HELEN ADAMS SNIVELY, b. 13 March 1880; m. JAMES STEPHEN TAYLOR. They resided in Salt Lake City, UT in 1920.
v.EUNICE LOISE SNIVELY, b. 28 March 1883; resided in Kansas City, MO in 1920 (unmarried).

17. LT. GOV. HIBBARD HOUSTON7 SHEDD (GEORGE6, ABEL5, ABEL4 SHED, JONATHAN3 SHEAD, SAMUEL2 SHED, DANIEL1) was born January 27, 1847 in Denmark, Iowa, and died October 06, 1905 in Ashland, Nebraska. He graduated from the Denmark Academy in 1866. He was dismissed from the Denmark Congregational Church on Nov. 13, 1871. He married KATHERINE LEIGH GRAVES February 18, 1874 in Lockland, Ohio, daughter of ANTHONY WAYNE GRAVES and MARY GRISTMERE. She was born January 07, 1854, and died Aft. 1920.

Hon. Hibbard Houston Shedd, born in Denmark, Iowa, 27 Jan. 1847, was educated at the academy there. Toward the close of the Civil War he became old enough for military service, enlisted in the Forty-Fifth Iowa Volunteers and served in Mississippi and Tennessee. In 1871 he settled in Ashland, Neb., and engaged in the clothing business, which he followed the rest of his life, in the firm of G. L. Scott and Company. He also became prominent in educational matters and state politics, serving as president of the Ashland School Board 1891 - 1903 and as trustee of Doane College. In 1875 he was a member of the Nebraska State Constitutional Convention, was speaker of the Nebraska House of Representatives 1881 - 1883, and was lieutenant-governor of Nebraska 1885 - 1889. On settling in Ashland in 1871 he joined the Ashland Congregational Church, served as superintendent of its Sunday School for twenty-seven years and as its organist for thirty-four years until his death, 6 Oct. 1905.1


i.HARRY GRAVES8 SHEDD, b. August 06, 1875; graduated at the University of Nebraska, A.B. 1897 and A.M. 1900; was secretary to the chancellor of that university 1898-1902 and registrar of the university 1902-1905; also was secretary of the Nebraska Commissions at the Lousiana Purchase Exposition at St. Louis in 1903-1904 and of the Lewis and Clark Exposition at Portland, OR in 1905. Soon afterwards he settle in Omaha, NE where he is president of the Shedd Investment Company. He married MADGE BULLARD June 25, 1912 in Omaha, NE. She was born January 26, 1890 in McCook, NE, dughter of WILLIAM C. BULLARD and EMMA LEBEAU. She died October 18, 1918 in Omaha, NE. He married (2) ESTHER NADINE CAIN October 20, 1921, daughter of WALTER READ CAIN and KATE ? of Colfax, IA.
ii.GEORGE CLIFFORD SHEDD, b. November 19, 1877; graduated at the University of Nebraska, AB 1900; instructor in English Literature there 1902-1905; since then has been in the investment business in Omaha where he is vice-president of the Shedd Investment Company. He also engaged in literary work and is author of "Miniatures" (1900); "Princess of Forge" (1910); "The Incorrigible Dukane" (1911); "The Isle of Strife" (1912); and "the Lady of Mystery House" (1917). He married ALICE NELSON April 27, 1921, daughter of LOUIS H. NELSON and CAROLINE NEILSON.
iii.RALPH WAYNE SHEDD, b. July 11, 1879; d. December 3, 1882 in Ashland, NE.
iv.MARY A. SHEDD, b. September 16, 1883; d. September 18, 1883.
v.EDITH WAUGH SHEDD, b. September 04, 1884; graduated from the Conservator of Music, Lincoln, NE, in 1904, and was a music teacher in Ashland and Omaha. She married WILLIAM A. SIZER of Omaha, and removed to Chicago, IL.
vi.HELEN BERNICE SHEDD, b. July 16, 1887. She married CLIFFORD ERNEST SHOFSTALL September 17, 1913 in Ashland, NE. He was born September 14, 1890 in Paola, KS, son of WILLIAM M. SHOFSTALL and ANNABELLE HOWLAND. He was educated at Park College, Parkville, MO, and is in the hay and grain business in Kansas City, MO. His sister, ELSIE SHOFSTALL, married CLEMENT SHEDD SCOTT (a cousin of HELEN SHEDD).
Generation No. 8

18. CHARLES CURTIS8 SHEDD (HENRY EVART7,CHARLES6, ABEL5, ABEL4 SHED, JONATHAN3 SHEAD, SAMUEL2 SHED, DANIEL1), was born in Boston, MA, 25 July 1853, and was taken in childhood by his parents to Zumbrota, MNm where he lived until about 1879, when he moved to Appleton, MN, and later to a fruit ranch in Grand Junction, CO, where he died 3O Dec. 1907. He married in Zumbrota, 11 Oct. 1876, MARY ELLA SCOFIELD, born in Rosendale, WI, 8 Apr. 1855, daughter of HENRY MARTYN and MARY AVILDA (SCOFIELD) SCOFIELD. She moved to Pasadena, CA after her husband's death.


i.GEORGE HENRY9 SHEDD, b. in Zumbrota, MN, 16 July 1877; d. there, 5 Aug. 1878.
ii.CHARLES LEWIS SHEDD, b. in Zumbrota, MN, 3 Feb. 1879.
iii.MARY AVILDA SHEDD, b. in Appleton, MN, 14 Aug. 1880; d. in Zumbrota, 10 Dec. 1900.

19. FREDERICK HENRY8 SHEDD (HENRY EVART7,CHARLES6, ABEL5, ABEL4 SHED, JONATHAN3 SHEAD, SAMUEL2 SHED, DANIEL1), born in Zumbrota, MN, 10 Oct. 1861, was in the railroad business all his life; from 1883 to 1893 in Stillwater, MN, as clerk and station agent for the Chicago and Milwaukee Railroad and from 1893 until his death, in La Crosse, WI, where he was passenger and freight agent. He died in La Crosse 16 Mar. 1895. He married in Stillwater, 28 Oct. 1886, CAROLYN ELIZABETH WEBB, born in Lenox, MA, 11 Dec. 1859, daughter of JOSEPH CHART and JULIA ANN (HASTINGS) WEBB.


i.VERA VANETTE9 SHEDD, b. in Stillwater, MI, 26 Mar. 1888; m. in Des Moines, IA, 18 Jan. 1919, FERNLY RALPH BARNUM, b. in Lake Preston, SD, 24 Feb. 1889, son of FITCH RAY and JESSIE (BOTZER) BARNUM. He is a traveling salesman and they resided (1920) in Minneapolis, MN.

20. HORACE EVERETT8 SHEDD (HENRY EVART7,CHARLES6, ABEL5, ABEL4 SHED, JONATHAN3 SHEAD, SAMUEL2 SHED, DANIEL1), was born in Zumbrota, MN, 6 Sept. 1864, and has resided in St. Paul, MN, Elgin, IL, Niagara Falls, NY, Cedar Rapids, IA, Niagara Falls, Canada, Oakland, CA, and Pulaski, VA, and now (1920) lives in Bluefield, WV, where he is superintendent of the Appalachian Power Company. He married in Birmingham, AL, 16 Oct. 1890, ALICE IRENE CROSS, born in Brattleboro, VT, 13 Aug. 1864, daughter of AMOS and FRANCES LORING (CARPENTER) CROSS.


i.LT. CLYDE EVERET9, M.D., b. in Elgin, IL, 4 Apr. 1893; he graduated from the Oakland (Cal.) College of Medicine and Surgery in May 1917, one month after America's entry into the World War; he immediately volunteered as a surgeon in the Regular Army and was assigned to a training course in the Army Medical College in Washington, DC. Graduating in February 1918, he was assigned at his request to active service, sent to Camp Gordon, Atlanta, GA, with the Three Hundred and Twenty-Seventh Infantry of the Eighty-Second Division and sailed for France in April 1918. He went through the St. Mihiel drive and was in the Argonne drive from the beginning until he met his death in Fleville, where he was instantly killed by a piece of shell 16 Oct. 1918 and buried in the military cemetery there. He was unmarried.
ii.FREDERICK RICHARDSON SHEDD, b. in Echota, NY, 28 Sept. 1899; served in the Students' Army Training Corps in Ann Arbor University and was nearly ready to go overseas when the armistice was signed. He was mustered out as a sergeant. He resided in Glen Lyn, VA; m. BESSIE MATES, 3 June 1918.

21. LUCY ELIZA8 SHEDD (CORNELIUS7,CHARLES6, ABEL5, ABEL4 SHED, JONATHAN3 SHEAD, SAMUEL2 SHED, DANIEL1), b. March 2, 1865; m. at Steens, MS, 15 Mar. 1883, WILLIAM MITCHEL HARRIS, b. in Milport, AL, 26 Jan. 1859, son of JOHN R. and MARY JACK (SCURLOCK) HARRIS. He is a planter and they were located until 1892 in Columbus, MS, and since then have resided in Steens, MS.


iii.RILEY EARL HARRIS, b. 30 July 1890; d. 12 Nov. 1891.
iv.SAM REESE HARRIS, b. 7 July 1892; d. 13 Aug. 1900.
vi.MARY ANNETTE HARRIS b. 15 Sept. 1898.
vii.WILLIAM CLARENCE HARRIS, b. 15 Aug. 1900.
viii.GID BELL HARRIS, b. 10 Apr. 1903.
ix.NIPPIE LEE HARRIS, b. 9 Oct. 1905.
x.SIDNEY SHEDD HARRIS, b. 25 Feb. 1908.

22. JAMES ALBERT8 SHEDD (CHARLES FREDERICK7,JAMES ADAMS6, ABEL5, ABEL4 SHED, JONATHAN3 SHEAD, SAMUEL2 SHED, DANIEL1), born in Fairfield, NE, 14 Feb. 1878, when thirteen years old settled with his parents in Lincoln, NE. He was a carpenter and builder. He married 29 June 1902, GRACE MABEL CARTER, born in Friend, NE, 2 Aug. 1882, daughter of JAY and MARY A. (STEELE) CARTER; she died in Lincoln, 3 Apr. 1918.


i.MAUDE LUCINDA9 SHEDD, b. 18 Apr. 1904.
ii.EDWARD CHARLES SHEDD, b. 19 June 1905.
iii.GEORGE CURTIS SHEDD, b. 30 Jan. 1909. He is pictured with his grandfather, Charles F. Shedd, in 1911.
iv.GLEN WALTER SHEDD, b. 4 Jan. 1911; d. in Lincoln 16 Dec. 1914.
v.ELMER RUSSELL SHEDD, b. 29 Mar. 1912.
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Original Source Records
  1. George Shedd
  2. Mary Zerviah Shedd

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