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Lischy's Church - Codorus, York County, Pennsylvania


The first church building was a log structure built by Lischy on his farm. The second was a frame building located in the southwest corner of the old cemetery, followed by a brick building with a gallery (elevated floor) on three sides of the church. This brick building was located in the southeast corner of the old cemetery. This building was razed in 1896, and replaced by the current building. The Stambaugh's land was just south of the church property.

Rev. Jacob Albert, who baptized Joseph Stambaugh, was a Lutheran minister at Lischy's. He was trained by Rev. John Frederick Melsheimer at Ziegler's church and was the minister there from 1825 - 1832. The dates of his ministry at Lischy's are unknown.

This picture was taken in October, 2000. Jacob & Magdalena Stambaugh, and John & Catherine Heilman Stambaugh are buried in the old cemetery.

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