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Stambaugh Land in Codorus, York County, Pennsylvania


These pictures were taken in October, 2000. The Stambaugh family owned a large plot of land in Codorus Township, just south of Lischy's Church. Stambaugh Road borders the southern edge of the property.

Stambaugh Land Records - Codorus

10 September 1750: Nicholas Stambaugh, 50 acres more or less adjoining Peter Rung and Lawrence Krone including his dwelling plantation in Codorus Township said County of York for which he agrees to pay to our Use at ye rate of Fifteen Pounds Ten Shillings, current Money of this Province, for One Hundred Acres with Lawful Interest for the same and the Yearly Quit-Rent of One Halfpenny Sterling for every acre thereof, both to commence from the time of settlement. These are therefor to authorize and require you to survey or cause to be survey'd unto the said Nicholas Stambaugh at the place aforesaid, according to the Method of Tosnwhips appointed, the said quantity of 50 acres, if not already survey'd or appropriated, and make return thereof into the Secretaries Office, in order for further confirmation, for which this shall be your sufficient warrant; which survey in case the said Nicholas Stombaugh fulfil the above agreeement within six months from the date hereof, shall be valid, otherwise void.

11 January 1773: Jacob Stambach, 50 acres adjoining his other land held in right of his Father Nicholas Stomback, the lands of Philip Stamach, Bastian Helman and Henry Horn and to include the part adjoining the said Bastian Helman, unto a conditional line formerly made between the said Bastian Helman and the said Nicholas Stomback the Father in Codorus Township in the said County. (Stambaugh's Addition)

20 March 1773: Both situate in Codorus Township York County surveyed the 20th of 3d month 1773 for Jacob Stombaugh Rabbit Hill in pursuance of a warrant granted to Nicholas Stambaugh the 10th of September 1750. Improved 24 years Stombaughs Addition in pursuance of a warrant for 50 acres dated 4th of February 1773.

Stambaugh Land Records - Paradise

1 June 1798 (Deed Book 2N, Pg. 373): Jacob Stambach of Codorus Twp. bought

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