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Descendants of Felix Stambach

Generation No. 1

1. FELIX1 STAMBACH died November 03, 1729 in Kutzenhausen, Northern Alsace, Germany (86 years, 3 months, 12 days). He married ANNA MARIA.


2.i.JOHANNES2 STAMBACH, d. January 17, 1732/33, Oberkutzenhausen, Germany (about 57 years).
Generation No. 2

2. JOHANNES2 STAMBACH (FELIX1)1 died January 17, 1732/33 in Oberkutzenhausen, Germany (about 57 years). He married MARIA CATHARINA MEYER 1717 in Kutzenhausen, Northern Alsace, Germany, daughter of JACOB MEYER and ANNA. After Johannes Stambach's death, Maria Catharina married Niclaus Honig at Niederkuntzenhausen on Nov. 17, 1733. They immigrated to the US on the Robert & Alice in 1739 with the Stambaugh children and their child, Johannes Honig. Maria Catharina died before December 25, 1739, the date when Niclaus Honig married Maria Elisabetha Fischerin.1


i.JACOB STAMBAUGH, b. January 09, 1718/19, Kutzenhausen, Northern Alsace, Germany. He was baptized on January 11, 1718/19, in Kutzenhausen. Jacob inherited land from his step-father Niclaus Honig and owned other land in Manheim Township, York County, Pennsylvania.
ii.MARIA BARBARA STAMBAUGH, b. July 25, 1721, Kutzenhausen, Northern Alsace, Germany. She was baptized July 27, 1721, in Kutzenhausen. She married George Miller.
3.iii.NICHOLAS3 STAMBAUGH, b. August 19, 1723, Kutzenhausen, Northern Alsace, Germany; d. 1760, York County, Pennsylvania.
iv.LORENTZ STAMBAUGH, b. December 08, 1726, Kutzenhausen, Northern Alsace, Germany. He was baptized December 11, 1725, in Kutzenhausen.
v.PETER STAMBAUGH, b. February 11, 1728/29, Kutzenhausen, Northern Alsace, Germany. He was baptized February 13, 1728/29, in Kutzenhausen.
vi.PHILLIP STAMBAUGH, b. June 09, 1731, Kutzenhausen, Northern Alsace, Germany. He was baptized June 10, 1731, in Kutzenhausen.
Generation No. 3

3. NICHOLAS3 STAMBAUGH (JOHANNES2 STAMBACH, FELIX1) was born August 19, 1723 in Kutzenhausen, Northern Alsace, Germany, and died 1760 in York County, Pennsylvania. He married ANNA BARBARA. His will was filed on 26 Feb. 1760.


4.i.JACOB4 STAMBAUGH, b. Bef. December 16, 1749, York County, Pennsylvania; d. February 26, 1826, York County, Pennsylvania.
ii.MARGARETH STAMBAUGH, b. Bef. March 29, 1751.
iii.PETER STAMBAUGH, b. Bef. June 14, 1752.
iv.JOHANNES STAMBAUGH, b. Bef. October 14, 1753; d. Bef. November 01, 1824.
v.ELISABETHA STAMBAUGH, b. Bef. January 15, 1755.
Generation No. 4

4. JACOB4 STAMBAUGH (NICHOLAS3, JOHANNES2 STAMBACH, FELIX1)2 was born November 18, 1749 in York County, Pennsylvania, and died February 26, 1826 in York County, Pennsylvania. He married MARIA MAGDALENA BERKHEIMER. She was born May 02, 1752, and died October 02, 1804. They are buried at Lischy's Church in the old cemetery.

Children of JACOB STAMBAUGH and MAGDALENA ? are:

i.PHILLIP5 STAMBAUGH, b. December 14, 1774.
ii.JACOB STAMBAUGH, b. June 09, 1776.
5.iii.JOHN STAMBAUGH, b. March 06, 1778, York County, Pennsylvania; d. January 06, 1865, York County, Pennsylvania.
iv.MAGDALENA STAMBAUGH, b. June 27, 1780.
v.MICHAEL STAMBAUGH, b. September 29, 1781.
vi.CATHARINE STAMBAUGH, b. March 12, 1784.
vii.SALLY/SARAH STAMBAUGH, b. March 15, 1787.
viii.HENRY STAMBAUGH, b. May 13, 1790.
x.ANNA MARY STAMBAUGH, b. March 20, 1795.
Generation No. 5

5. JOHN5 STAMBAUGH (JACOB4, NICHOLAS3, JOHANNES2 STAMBACH, FELIX1)3 was born March 06, 1778 in York County, Pennsylvania, and died January 06, 1865 in York County, Pennsylvania. He was baptized December 16, 1749 at Lischey's Church. He married CATHERINE HEILMAN. She was born 1784 in York County, and died June 10, 1858 in York County, Pennsylvania. Both John and Catherine are buried in Lischey's Church.

In 1824, John & Catharine Stambaugh bought 133 acres of land in Monroe Township, Cumberland County, PA. He paid taxes on this land in 1826 - 1843, and sold the land to his son Peter in 1849 for $9367. The tax records state John Stambaugh was a farmer, and that he had a brick house on his farm. He is shown in Cumberland County in the 1830 census, but he is back in York County in the 1840 census. His son Peter remained in Cumberland County.


i.PETER6 STAMBAUGH, b. May 22, 1808, York County, Pennsylvania; d. May 18, 1891; m. MARGARET FISSEL, May 14, 1832; b. 1807.
ii.ANN STAMBAUGH, b. 1811, York County, Pennsylvania; m. JOHN GLEIM; b. Abt. 1805.
iii.WILLIAM H. STAMBAUGH, b. 1813, York County, Pennsylvania; d. January 07, 1881; m. (1) REGINA; d. 1854; m. (2) ELIZA WINGER, January 29, 1856, Wabash County, Ohio; b. January 16, 1823, Virginia; d. 1901.
iv.JOHN STAMBAUGH, b. Bef. May 10, 1815, York County, Pennsylvania; d. January 21, 1885; m. (1) REBECCA REAM; b. June 01, 1822; d. June 28, 1876; m. (2) NANCY MARTIN HOKE HERSHEY, November 1878. He was baptized May 10, 1815 at Lischey's Church and is buried in Holzschwam (Paradise) Cemetery along with his wife, Rebecca.
6.v.JESSE H. STAMBAUGH, b. 1820, York County, Pennsylvania; d. November 24, 1893.
7.vi.JOSEPH H. STAMBAUGH, b. March 12, 1823, Paradise Township, York County, Pennsylvania; d. December 28, 1893, Ashland, Nebraska.
vii.SAMUEL H. STAMBAUGH, b. 1826.
ix.GEORGE H. STAMBAUGH, b. 1833.
Generation No. 6

6. JESSE H.6 STAMBAUGH (JOHN5, JACOB4, NICHOLAS3, JOHANNES2 STAMBACH, FELIX1) was born 1820 in York County, Pennsylvania, and died November 24, 1893. He married (1) ELIZABETH REAM. She was born January 04, 1821, and died October 17, 1847. He married (2) ELIZABETH BETSY JOSEPH Aft. 1847.


i.SARAH7 STAMBAUGH, b. 1843.
ii.JULIA ANN STAMBAUGH, b. May 01, 1845; d. May 28, 1846.
iii.WILLIAM R. STAMBAUGH, b. September 02, 1847; d. May 04, 1913.

7. JOSEPH H.6 STAMBAUGH (JOHN5, JACOB4, NICHOLAS3, JOHANNES2 STAMBACH, FELIX1) was born March 12, 1823 in Paradise Township, York County, Pennsylvania, and died December 28, 1893 in Ashland, Nebraska. He married CATHERINE ZIMMERMAN April 14, 1850 in Oronoko Township, Berrien County, Michigan, daughter of JOHN ZIMMERMAN. She was born September 30, 1832 in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, and died March 07, 1912 in Ashland, Nebraska. Joseph is considered the original settler of Saunders County. His property was in Clear Creek Township, which is just north of Ashland.


i.DELILAH ANN7 STAMBAUGH, b. August 31, 1851, Berrion, Michigan; d. October 06, 1924, Ashland, Nebraska; m. WILLIAM HARRISON HOOKER, October 14, 1867, Ashland, Nebraska; b. June 1843, Decatur City, Indiana; d. April 28, 1905, Ashland, Nebraska.
ii.MARY JO/JANE STAMBAUGH, b. 1853, Berrion, Michigan; m. ROBERT J. DOOM, October 30, 1873; b. 1851, Indiana.
iii.GEORGE WASHINGTON STAMBAUGH, b. July 04, 1855, Berrion, Michigan; d. February 12, 1887, Amherst, CO during "the Blizzard of 1888".
iv.JOHN ADAMS STAMBAUGH, b. April 1858, Nebraska; d. 1926; m. BELLE M. ?, Abt. 1895; b. May 1868, Missouri; d. 1919.
v.ELLA ROMINE STAMBAUGH, b. 1860, Nebraska; m. JAMES M. BUTLER, November 09, 1881, Ashland, Nebraska; b. Indiana.
vi.EMMA LINCOLN STAMBAUGH, b. 1863, Nebraska; m. SAMUEL J. FOSTER, December 11, 1882, Ashland, Nebraska; b. 1854, Pennsylvania. As listed in her brother Randolph Stambaugh's will, her children were: Mary R. Kranz, Annie M. Kelly, Eva C. Riding, Andrew B. Foster, J. Ray Foster.
vii.LORENZO GRANT STAMBAUGH, b. September 1865, Nebraska; d. 1940; m. EVELYN E. NICHOLS, Abt. June 30, 1888, Ashland, Nebraska; b. November 1867, Illinois; d. 1945. They are both buried in Joseph Stambaugh's plot in the Ashland Cemetery.
viii.MELISSA JOSEPHINE STAMBAUGH, b. June 27, 1867, Ashland, Nebraska; d. June 06, 1953, Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska; m. ALBERT W. WAYBRIGHT, October 1891; b. 1857, Virginia.
ix.ROSE MAY STAMBAUGH, b. February 18, 1872, Ashland, Nebraska; d. July 20, 1946, Ashland, Nebraska; m. ADELBERT BALLOU STANLEY, January 18, 1893, Ashland, Nebraska; b. January 05, 1870, Ashland, Nebraska; d. July 27, 1941, Franklin, Nebraska.
x.RANDOLPH HAYES STAMBAUGH, b. April 10, 1877, Ashland, Nebraska; d. February 14, 1965, Ashland, Nebraska. He is buried in Joseph Stambaugh's plot in the Ashland Cemetery.

Dad remembers Randolph as "Uncle Ranny". He lived on a farm and was never married. He was "quite a character". He had a trough for watering his horses, but there was no end on it, so all the water just ran out the end. Uncle Ranny also originated the concept of "retaliating" when given a present. One day, Dad, Uncle Bill, and the Starns boys (cousins) were all out at Uncle Ranny's. He had a gift of chocolate covered coconut candy that he had bought at the dime store all wrapped and asked the boys to take it back into town and mail it for him. He had received a gift in the mail from someone (possibly a sister) and figured he had to retaliate.

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Source Documents
  1. Baptismal Certificate for Joseph Stambaugh
  2. Marriage License for Joseph Stambaugh and Catherine Zimmerman
  3. Census Records
  4. Tombstones, Obituaries, Will

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